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URBAN BEEKEEPING ONE DAY COURSE- with Expert Denis Stidder– 10am to 4 pm cost £30 for the day

URBAN BEEKEEPING ONE DAY COURSE- with Expert Denis Stidder– 10am to 4 pm cost £30 for the day

27 April 2014 - 10:00am at The Coach House


We are delighted to be running this course again which is for anyone who wants to learn about beekeeping and how to look after a hive in both the town and countryside below is a review of one of our participants


“The beekeeping course was excellent and at £30 a total bargain. The
first half of the day was guided by Dennis Stidder, who has been
teaching bee keeping for over 30 years. He went through many of the
basics and explained about the more traditional Langstroth hives. He
had many stories and experiences to share and half way through the day
he opened up and showed us an active Langstroth hive. In the afternoon
we had Martin giving us an overview of more natural beekeeping
methods, including the Warre hive and the Top-bar hive. We finished by
discussing the pros and cons of each technique and tying it all
together to the broader political context of the UK beekeeping scene
and the problems faced with the future of British bees. This was an
excellent introduction for any aspiring beekeeper. When starting to
learn about beekeeping it can be very difficult to decide what kind of
beekeeping you should practice. There is an overwhelming amount of
information on the internet and in books. The combination of a
traditional and natural beekeeper on this course gave us different
sides of the story and an opportunity for us to have our many
questions answered. After going on this course I am in the process of
building my first top-bar hive and hope to start keeping bees soon!”

bring lunch but reminding folk we are a non smoking veggi site. There are cafes near by.


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