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Qi Qong classes with Paul Morris

Qi Qong classes with Paul Morris

9 March 2020 - 10:00am at The Coach House

Qi Qong classes with Paul Morris

Open to everyone

cost is £5



“I have been a martial arts student for nearly 25 years, studying with some of the best teachers in the West and  a couple from the East. My field of knowledge is in the internal martial  arts and nei gung.I have recently started to teach some of the material I have learned from lineage holder Roy Jenzen (Internal Intent). Who is our teacher in the inner methods of hsing-I, ba gua and classical nei gung.

In these classes we will be learning a set of exercises called the eight pieces of silk as well as the classical nei gung work needed to bring these exercises to life.  We will also establish the foundations of rooting into the earth and the correct body alignment.”.


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