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Infrasection #6: Jez Riley French and Slow Listener

Infrasection #6: Jez Riley French and Slow Listener

13 January 2017 - 7:00pm at The Coach House



13th January 2017
8:00 pm
Coach House, 22 Walpole Rd


Using intuitive composition, field recording, improvisation and photography, Jez has been exploring his enjoyment of detail, simplicity and his emotive response to places and situations for over 3 decades.

Alongside performances, exhibitions, installations, Jez lectures and runs workshops on field recording and the act and art of listening. He also curates the ‘engraved glass’ label and the ‘a quiet position’ series of online releases / forums exploring the broad ideas surrounding field recording as a primary art of sound / sound art.

Recent work includes commissions for Tate Modern (UK), Artisphere (USA) and for organisations in Italy, Iceland, Japan, Spain and the UK. A section of his piece for Tate Modern was also chosen to be part of the ‘500 years of British Art’ series at Tate Britain.

In recent years Jez has been working extensively on recordings of surfaces and spaces (natural and man made) and has also been developing the concept of photographic scores. He is particularly associated with the development of extended recording techniques, including the recording of structural vibrations, contact microphone recording, ultrasonics, infrasonics, internal electronic signals via coil pick-up’s and recordings made with hydrophones.

Amongst his works are pieces capturing the sound of the dolomites dissolving, ants consuming fallen fruit, the Tate Modern building vibrating, the infrasound of domestic spaces around the world, glaciers melting in Iceland and the tonal resonances of natural and human objects in the landscape. ”

A long-time purveyor of quality tapes and audio curiosities, Robin Dickinson has recently been snapped up by the excellent Exotic Pylon label. He blends a sensitive ear for decomposing drones (think an atonal William Basinski) with a keen understanding of musique concrète and noise. “Like a warped dictaphone tape with bell sounds warbling and fluttering and crunching percussive sounds coming across like Leatherface’s chains draped around your neck before he drags you into the killing room“ – Boomkat

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