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Gi Gong on Sunday Mornings – 6 week course – £42 concessions available

Gi Gong on Sunday Mornings – 6 week course – £42 concessions available

10 March 2013 - 10:00am at The Coach House

Please note it is essential to book ahead of time either by e mail or phone 07796054442

Below is a summary of Karens work and enthusiasm :

Gi gong means energy work, many different kinds of movement forms from taoism, buddhism and martial arts.  all focus on moving cultivating and balancing chi. these exercises are based on activating the chi (energy) in the acupuncture pathways. they help to free stuck chi and open up a flow of chi to your heart. Your intent is as powerful as the movement “chi follows your intent” (taoist saying), or the western version would be “mind over matter”. strong positive intent can have a powerful healing intent on you and others.

“the gi gong i would teach is ‘opening the energy gates of your body’, a 3,000 year old system, which teaches basic body alignments and a way into increasing your internal awareness of chi (energy) in your body and clearing blocked chi.”

My name is Karen White, I started training in Brighton with Brian Cooper in the late 1980s. I first learnt the 24 step yang form and then the yang long form, which I remember took 40 minutes to complete!
I was completely obsessed and drove my family crazy with my practising, it just felt right to me, my children who are now in their 20’s thought I was a bit strange. But they played their part in my training,  as I remember sometimes doing the kick sections with a toddler attached to my raised leg. Very good practice for stability I found.
Brian at this time started to attend workshops run by Bruce Frantzis. In the first twenty minutes of the yang classes Brian would teach us the Wu style short form. This material  gradually started to over take from the Yang style. These were the days when Bruce would come to Brighton and teach for 3 hours in an evening.
I had a few wilderness years when life became busy with children and doing a degree course to attend classes, but I still practised the Yang form and the Wu on my own. But I soon became frustrated at waving my arms around and returned to the fold and again started to put serious work into my Tai Chi, attending Brain’s weekly classes, Bruce’s workshops and Paul Cavel’s retreats in France and Crete. I was home again. 

In 2008 I attended my first instructor’s training with Bruce and have since then certified in Dragon and Tiger Medical QI Gong, and Opening of the Energy Gates Qi Gong and  Wu short form style Tai Chi.

Through out the last 20 years Tai Chi and Qi Gong has seen me through some hard times and I have managed to keep my head, and balance my emotions while those about me have lost theirs, and are still looking for them in some cases!



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