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FRINGE FESTIVAL : The Indian Raga workshop with Rajeswar a world-renowned teacher of Indian Classical Raga

FRINGE FESTIVAL : The Indian Raga workshop with Rajeswar a world-renowned teacher of Indian Classical Raga

12 May 2013 - 2:00pm at The Coach House

With Rajeswar and Suekali

An exceptional workshop not to be missed! Rajeswar is a world-renowned teacher of Indian Classical Raga who is passionate about bringing this tradition to Westerners. He teaches with his own unique blend of humour, passion, ease and rigour. Whether you are a complete beginner or professional singer, this workshop will teach you to really sing from your heart and body like no other!

Suekali trained in western classical music plus various forms of body, breath and voice work, including ‘First Nature’. There is an ongoing programme in the UK and India (  Rajeswar offers an authentic immersion into the ancient classical Indian singing tradition, which is an excellent foundation for all types and styles of singing. The aim is not to produce classical Indian singers, but to use the vast wealth of Indian experience and tradition to open us up to our own deepest resonance. The classes are accessible to beginners, those who ‘can’t sing’ and equally those with experience and professional singers.

Do you want to sing from the heart? Bring more fluidity, relaxation and vocal range to your voice? Rajeswar is an exceptional teacher, able to bring alive the voice of every individual, whatever their experience or ‘talent.’ Indian classical raga is a timeless tradition that touches the depth of our being. No prior experience needed! “Rajeswar has infinite patience – he is always kind… the workshop reminded me of the purpose of singing… its about tuning into something inside ourselves, something very deep – the essence of who we are.”

Listen and let go, and let the song sing you. The traditional method of on-going repetition cultivates a state of immersion into vibration, enabling us to stop ‘trying hard’ and to allow the transmission to take place. We need to be present, to listen and to be relaxed yet alert. Eventually we are ‘in tune’ and can experience ecstatic resonance and a deep opening of the heart. This workshop offers a unique and precious opportunity to retreat into the source of sound, and to deeply nourish ourselves.


CONCERT, Monday May 13th, 1pm – 2pm. At the CoachHouse.

With Rajeswar and Suekali

Experience the heart-opening and uplifting singing of Rajeswar Bhattacharya from India and Suekali, his student for 21 years, in this exquisite performance of Indian Classical Raga and songs of Rabindranath Tagore. Raga can transport us to a place of deep peace and profound opening of the heart. The songs express the whole range of human experience with lilting melodies drawn from Indian classical raga, and Celtic folk tunes. Rejuvenate yourself with sounds to soothe the soul and uplift the spirit.

Accompanied by harmonium and tampura and tabla.


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