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28 May 2016 - 12:00pm at The Coach House


Tom Clifford

Pool recollections


Oil Paintings

Tom Clifford is a modern painter of light, his representational oil paintings record his responses to the world. Through imagery derived from personal recollections, Tom explores notions of the sublime moment in time. Tom is drawn to imagery that has a strong sense of light and movement that convey an inspirational or joyous state. Tom’s painting process begins with observations, sketches and snapshots of reality. he builds up multiple layers of oil paint to form enigmatic surfaces. sensitively rendered brush strokes flow into and out of blurred paint. The paintings are poised between highly realistic depictions of space and light and expressive affirmations of the painted surface. Tom was born in London and studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and later at City and Guilds of London Art School. Tom has been a professional oil painter and art tutor since leaving college and currently exhibits in galleries across the UK and China.







Loraine Hayes

Loraine Hayes studied Fine Art Painting at St Martins School of Art in London under Gillian Ayres and Ian Tyson. Making calligraphic images led to an interest in typography and a career in graphic design on fashion and women’s magazines.

She has returned to painting in a figurative style, exploring the rural fringes of Brighton. Her subject is the land with its wind stunted bushes and the rolling hills of the South Downs, on a walk she does every day, creating images that describe the changing seasons and reflect a personal relationship with the landscape.


Jane Hawkins

Paintings: watercolour & gouache, acrylic. Printmaking: lino and woodcuts
Book designer by trade, artist by inclination. A nature-nerd, I sketch the landscapes and natural world around my home in East Brighton. Rediscovered print-making this year and I’m hooked! [Hand-printed one-off cards will be for sale during the festival.]
 tel: 07769 683609. Email:  Twitter: @Jane_sheepgirl


 Santorini steps Oil Painting

Barbara Alcock

Barbara Alcock is a fine art printmaker and painter in oils. She has exhibited in London’s Mall Galleries, Brighton’s Open Houses, Artwave, Hamilton Lodge, and Cesanatico in Italy.

Her etchings, wood cuts and polystyrene cuts describe historical houses, castles and gardens. Her delicate cut paper work is combined with collage to produce lively, decorative images. Many of these are available as cards direct from the artist.

Recent oil on canvas paintings are a series of observations from Venice Carnival, and more from Greece, where she has travelled extensively. The paintings have a haunting stillness, expressing a narrative in bold colours with simplified forms in clear mediterranean light.




Nickova Behling specialises in painting and collaborative, interdisciplinary, performance art. Her style is influenced by German Abstract Expressionism and Informal Painting.

Nickova Behling uses a variety of media including acrylic paint, ink, and natural pigments such as sand, soil, coffee grain and ashes. She experiments with both form and materials, creating invigorated paintings with strong colours, significant surface activity and texture. There is a strong sense of exploration and play in Nickova’s work, yet it entices contemplation through multiple layers and ambiguities of the in-between spaces.

Nickova’s approach is playful, intuitive and expressive in terms of the use of materials and process.

Nickova Behling studied ‘Malerei’ (‘Painting’) with artist Sabine Franek-Koch whilst at the HdK Berlin (Hochschule der Kuenste, Berlin) Germany. She also holds an MA Degree in Arts and Cultural Management, University of Sussex, England.

Nickova Behling is the creative director of Artahead and an experienced workshop and project leader. She will provide workshops in expressive painting and solar-plate etching during the open houses.

Websites:       Artahead website:     Contact:





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Unique, ethical handspring bead jewellery



Margaret Shillan studied at the Central School in London, where one of her teachers was Cecil Collins. She worked as a graphic designer and then taught in a Steiner School and at Emerson College, where she founded the Visual Arts Year and taught painting and drawing. She has traveled widely and given courses in many countries, and her own work has been inspired by her travels. But it is poetry, mythology, nature – especially the sea – that have been her greatest inspirations.

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