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ALL Hallows at the COACH HOUSE this night !!!!

ALL Hallows at the COACH HOUSE this night !!!!

31 October 2011 - 6:00pm at The Coach House

[singlepic id=53 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=]31st HALLOWEEN SPECTDRACULA——- This is not for the faint hearted ! ITS A MOnday night! and we are opening the gates for young flesh at 6pm

The menu this night –
The famous Collectress ARE playing !!!–  Broom training –rollar man, RIP tour, mobile fortune teller,  and more all early on! there is music with doom and doubt throughout the night with Jo BUrke, the mourners, SOngs to seal, many sippings, hoolahooffirehooping ! lone mic of poetry and the final dance your death disco! specimins, and collections of interesting findings jars.! the graveyard will be opened also for service and honour to those who didnt make it this year.
Gates will be opened at 6.00pm not before. wait there ! and closed at 11pm ish. those that remain will be hushed quietened and dealt with with the accordian! This is a child friendly event !
Please note we are keeping this within the family and possibly some stranglers on !why because you may have to curl up like a hedgehogs at any given moment. I lookforward to meeting you. Please Dress accordingly to your fate & bring a gift for the gatekeeper!
There is a suggested donation charge £4 this entitles you to a free bowl of soup TOO for early folk  (all funds goes to travel costs for them artists )



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