THE GARDEN and its many hosts. Introductory course in herbal medicine and Urban Bee Keeping –


The  garden hosts many medicinal plants including:

Rosemary, lemon balm, myrtle, wood betony, comfrey, quince, valarian, grape vine, periwinkle, yew, comfrey, yarrow, mugwort, nettles, rose, ladies mantle, jasmine, poppies, calendula, cloves, thyme, violets, cleavers, pelitary on the wall, chelidonium, poke root, pile wort, artichoke, ginkgo, apple, pear, marshmallow, borage, chamomile, lemon, bay, vervain, verbena, southern wood, nastursian, mint, wind flower, elecampane, fennel, wild lettuce, mullein and  guilder rose.

(bet you are  glad i didnt write them in latin!)

We are still planting and growing   on this fabulous chalk land  – amazingly this year we grew 3 lemons !

Courses  are running through the year  Enjoy the earth

love Sara Jane

Introductory Courses in Herbal Medicine Wednesday Nov 4th evenings 1


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