The Urban Gypsy-“Forget the Harley get the Barley”

–Brass!–Leather!- and Jinking -BLING !

the Urban gypsy speaks his truth—  LUCK ??? “I don’t need  luck  ……

I am  luck…Stars ?? .. they sit  just fine !                      where they are !……

This recipe is not only for the faint hearted  but for them weak ones with  the wolves  at the door.    Jink explains “We goin to  make you ride again like you did before!! sonPut your mouth where your horse does!“Bolt up  Belt up  and  get ready to ride.!”

” Oats and Barley” sing it loud!

Oats as I sang before is our stable and staple food. Horses eat it, we eat it!  Simple!.  Porridge is fuel for winter along side your wood fires, an aphrodisiac too!   It’s been used to replenish the nervous system and reduce that cholesterol. So bite that bullet and get it in the pot.

Barley is nourishing, gives you full vigour and figure!  Full  of vitamin B, E, calcium and potassium, protein and starch.   Given to our horses for strength and  vitality  it lasts them the winter months.  Once the  dominant crop in Europe before gluten spread into our gullets and guts.  So let’s get it in the pot!    With demulcent actions it will be cooling on your digestive system and soothing for sore bladders and cystitis.  Often it’s added to stews and soups and   has been used as poultices for drawing out poisons and soothing that weeping eczema.

Jink -Clang thinks hard before he  says   “  ……the  sooner your blood and body meets nature the better. …..see this thorn here is quite competent in getting you  back to that  child hood feeling. . ….     Caught up in bramble?  Its a lucky and good thing.   !¬ enough with table talk   honour is out of date now, I have learnt some shame.  Take the rough and don’t let on!  True enough it comes too real…… Now polish your saddle get ready to ride!  No shame in using spit, it’s as good as it gets when you got your own!

If you are ever in my area  I live on a lonely hill near a river and trees, water and   plenty of  “Brass leather  and jinking Bling ! …   ……………….where’s my caravan gone !”

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