Marmalade trees!

Pips and Pith !!!We do grow Marmalade trees in England! –

Originally marmalade was made with quince fruit ( known as golden apples)  and honey from the bees – known to our Portuguese brothers as marmelo.

Today’s recipe using Seville oranges lemons and sugar is somewhat of a mystery how and when it arrived to our shores.

Mary Queen of Scots ate orange jam when she was ill to aid her digestion, known as Marie Malade (Mary’s ill). The herbalist would also contribute to this saying it ‘warme the stomack, digest, and breake the winde’!

Citrus aurantium ( bitter orange ) used for marmalade making has high pectin and  the flowers, fruits, leaves and peels were traditionally used for treating insomnia and  gastrointestinal problems including indigestion and diarrhea.    The high vitamin C content provides an acidic environment which is necessary for iron absorption and has been said to be helpful for anemia.

But this is not all the bitter oranges   essential oil is expressed from the fruit and the flowers distilled produce neroli oil and orange water!



Marmalade Recipe

Makes  6 lb { add 1 tablespoon of dark  treacle  or molasses optional}

2 lb of Seville oranges      Juice of 1 lemon

3 pints of water                    4 lb of sugar

Remove all discs and scrub the oranges.  Put in a large pan with water , cover with lid and simmer gently.  about 2 hours lift out cool , cut in half and scoop out pulp  and pips.  Return them to the water and boil for approx 5 mins.  Strain and then measure the liquid.  Reduce to 1 and a half pints.

Cut up peel fine or thick in to the pan with the  liquid adding lemon juice and sugar .   Stir over low heat till sugar is dissolved then bring to the  fast boil ( about 10-15 mins ).  Test for setting .  Allow to cool  about 20 mins and jar up in sterilized jars.

( can add ginger, crystallized ginger or even whiskey !)


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