Harvesting Seeds


Harvesting Seeds –
This means collecting seeds, making dyes, pot pouri, incense, herbs for medicinal bathing or internal use and of course for food th medicine!

Syrups, wines, pickles, vinegars, all can be in the making. A busy August for you and it is well worth it.

Harvesting encourages us to share with many.
The journey can be enjoyed at all stages from collection to making to tasting so enjoy it all.

Actions required in the garden this August :
Lavender can be cut back to last years growth. The flower heads can be made into lavender pillows along with a cup of lavender tea and if feeling adventurous try some making some lavender syrup just add sugar or honey.

Nettles can be cut right down now. Seeds can be collected and dried for consumption.
Only a very small amount is needed 5-7 seeds per portion. Heaped with protein these can be quite stimulating so probably not good taken close to bed time.
Surplus nettles can be made into a fantastic liquid compost.
Put nettles and stems in a container add water and cover and let it brew. In a few weeks the liquid will have turned a dark green and this can be diluted and used as liquid food on your garden.
Also try an infusion of thyme sprigs in your bath along with burning it as an incense.
A tea can be made from Thymus vulgaris having high antisceptic and antibacterial .

Nasturtium Vinegar
Fill a bottle of white wine vinegar or cider vinegar with nasturtium flowers.
Crush up a couple of leaves,and leave for 10 days before testing. If you require a stronger taste, strain and repeat with more flowers.

Green aprons will be starting homemaking and tasting  soon above is a picture of Mullein flowering

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