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Medicinally honey has been used for its healing properties for many thousands of years.
The Egyptians had over 500 medical formulas for it and the Greeks used it to cure skin disorders. It has also been used in folk remedies since kingdom come!

Honey is made up of glucose, fructose, water and other sugar along side many enzymes vitamins and minerals. It is easily digestible having already been pre-digested by the bee. It has been used for irritated digestions as a sedative and mild laxative.

It is also known as a builder food for athletes helping with endurance, fatigue recovery, and lack of energy.
People may have heard of the antibacterial qualities of Manuka honey not realising that all honey is antibacterial and antimicrobial and depending on the plant the bees have gathered from will depend on its strengths.

When honey is used on the skin it releases hydrogen peroxide. Bacteria cannot live in the presence of honey therefore it has been successful in the treatment of ulcers externally and internally.
Honey draws moisture from the air and for this reason has been used in folk remedies as a cure for children bed-wetting. It is therefore also good for burns and scars keeping them moist which would encourage the growth of new tissue.

It is a perfect preservative; when they found Honey in the Egyptian tombs it was still edible! Chewing the honey comb has been used for treating disturbed breathing tracts.

Some recipes for you to try:
You can make syrups to your delight using honey instead of sugar. We use syrups in herbal medicine as they have soothing properties on throat and digestive tract, for instance honey and thyme, honey and lemon, honey and liquorice, honey and sage syrups!

Infuse or decoct the herb in water, add equal amount of honey to water and simmer on a very low heat until thickened stirring to prevent caramelizing. Bottle and store.

If interested learning more about the bees or wanting to keep a hive we are running Urban beekeeping workshops at the coach house.

Sara Jane

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