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From our last session with nettles I would like to write some of the words that came from you after meeting nettles: nutritive, restorative, protective, gentle, singing, strengthening, strong, ‘net’, and building and much more .
I thought I would like to add to your list a little more. ……
Not only a nutritional marvel but nettles also have been explored as a trophorestorative for the adrenal glands adapting to the needs of one, environmentally, physically or psychologically. (therefore called an adaptoagen).
When we talk of trophorestorative we are talking of building by nourishment tonifying and strengthening. Remember your oats ! they too build up.

The seed which we all tried has been noted as a trophorestorative for the kidneys.
Dried, ground or chewed heightens levels, reduces stress promotes a sense of well being and has been said to sharpen the senses. did this happen for you ?

Having explored a little about the energy of the seed lets us know that only little is needed the power of the seed and its vital energy..
Remember everyone is different. I personally need very little as cant drink coffee without feeling wired .
I hope you all felt the boost of rose hip juice next week we will be exploring roots .
Sara Jane

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