Witches preparing to fly!

Witches preparing to fly ?!!!!
I have drunk my rose hip juice and am finding new source at my feet.
Violet leaves brush my toes and cleavers show themselves and to my eyes.
Burdock has shared its emeralds with me.
I have a potion to make, I have something to share.
Let This recipe connect you with a knowledge of belonging.
Belonging to your land.

“Lets raise our glasses now to you, your beautiful mind, your beautiful soul, your ever reaching thought, your beautiful land”.

For this flight on earth and beyond..
With last years harvest in one hand these seeds in my other prepared with thought
Let their song be heard and their shape be formed.
Kick your heels high if you must, our skies have our eyes and those long before us.
You, me, Sister, Mother hallows eve.
Our brothers, Our dance is how it is and how we season is just the journey becoming.

Yes it does. Let us fly.
Recipe for flight.
Hold tight your soul tonight
What better land do we know than our own

Sara Jane

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