So porridge it is!


How we can warm ourselves using foods and herbs?
As the ground lies hard so do we!
For all those feeling it in their bones heres some simple warming remedies focusing on the extremities and our fingers and toes!

Avena Sativa – OATS.
Why else do they feed them racehorses oats amongst much it keeps them frisky!!
Groats-best soaked overnight and gently simmered in the morning until creamy. This dear plant not only sustains us but acts as a trophorestorative, nourishing our nervous system, full with Vitamin B’s, lots of minerals and traces of indole alkaloids that facilitates serotonin. Great therefore for stress and anxiety and blessed the ‘bee’ is still cheap (bless this!) …. . SO Porridge it is !!
‘soak them flakes overnight add honey as better than sugar any day’.

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