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Just a few ideas for presents/

Here is a list of courses we will be running in the new year.

The vouchers are worth £25  and are valid for a year.  I will send you the voucher.


Courses so far   …. and there will be more !!!



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AT the FOLK HOUSE – our monthly special musing

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our monthly musing  be it in the garden or in the Coach house  space– your bound for an ear full either way !!

A treat as always with a friendly gathering. .

£2 – 3 on the door


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THE GARDEN and its many hosts. Introductory course in herbal medicine and Urban Bee Keeping –

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The  garden hosts many medicinal plants including:

Rosemary, lemon balm, myrtle, wood betony, comfrey, quince, valarian, grape vine, periwinkle, yew, comfrey, yarrow, mugwort, nettles, rose, ladies mantle, jasmine, poppies, calendula, cloves, thyme, violets, cleavers, pelitary on the wall, chelidonium, poke root, pile wort, artichoke, ginkgo, apple, pear, marshmallow, borage, chamomile, lemon, bay, vervain, verbena, southern wood, nastursian, mint, wind flower, elecampane, fennel, wild lettuce, mullein and  guilder rose.

(bet you are  glad i didnt write them in latin!)

We are still planting and growing   on this fabulous chalk land  – amazingly this year we grew 3 lemons !

Courses  are running through the year  Enjoy the earth

love Sara Jane

Introductory Courses in Herbal Medicine Wednesday Nov 4th evenings 1


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EDUCATION TODAY an exciting series of lectures and talks held over a month

Posted by on September 15, 2015

education today  copy 2


21st October

James Mannion –   Rattling the Cage: We need to talk about the army of elephants.  

James works part-time as a Lead Professional for Science in Brighton. He has an MA in Person-Centred Education from the University of Sussex and is currently completing a PhD at the University of Cambridge, focusing on evidence-based approaches to closing the attainment gap between disadvantaged students and their peers. He is the founder and a Director of Praxis Education, a professional development platform for teachers based around small-scale research inquiry. James is also an education consultant with Pivotal Education. He writes an educational blog (Pedagog in theMachine) and is @pedagog_machine / @PraxisEd on Twitter.

28th October

Emily Humphreys-  ‘Gender and education’

Emily Humphreys is a freelance theorist with a specific interest in 21st Century feminism and Masculinity studies. She is also a practising project manager, a trainee trainer, and runs a vegan kitchen and organic community garden for BUCFP

Michael James Parker  – ‘Wild things!: How do we honour all our energies?’ 

This seems to embrace a whole host of the questions that I have asked as a teacher, poet, performer, mountaineer, poet coach, event organiser, teacher of young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties, outdoor leader, mentor, friend, husband, dad and fool.

4th November

Ian Cunningham -‘What should a 21st century education look like?’ 

Ian chairs the Governing Body of Self Managed Learning College, located in the centre of Brighton. The College operates as a learning community where 9-16 year olds manage their own learning.

‘How can education respond to the known evidence about how young people learn and to the realities of the modern world? An exploration of real examples of new modes of education including Brighton’s unschool Self Managed Learning College.’

 11th November

Cath Oddhayward- ‘Autonomy, Company and Mastery’ 

Head of a Secondary Special Support Centre for students with Communication difficulties  –  supporting young people with communication needs including Autism in a person centred way.’

Sara Jane Glendinning  -  ‘Excuse me  where is the classroom ?’.

Sara Jane runs the Coach House, a much loved space in the heart of Kemptown encouraging creative education through the arts sciences and beyond!  As a visual artist, musician and medical herbalist is always looking for an excuse to call in nature   to the classroom.  Inspired by her recent travels to Finnish schools and the summit talks on the Future of Education in Davos  Switzerland this has prompted these series of lectures. She will be sharing ideas, theories, policies and potentials encouraging the creative process as a basis for educational growth.

18th November

Dr Scherto Gill –  Human-centred education

Scherto Gill works at the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace. She is also a Visiting Fellow at the University of Sussex’s School of Education. The key concept that Scherto is developing is human-centred education and she is investigating how this concept can be expanded in teaching and learning towards human flourishing and cultivating a global culture of peace.

Linda Morris - Headteacher of Lewes New School 

illustrates the teaching and learning practices at the Lewes New School

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duel with a non-dualist

low-born land mollusc

high-impact intruder

free-loader, sprout-spoiler

meandering marauder


of my broad-beans’ border

you’ve a one-track mind

in a one-track body

diligent pillager

soft-horned invisigoth

slow silver scribbler

paradoxically busy sloth

you’re a tithe-taker, hole-maker

indiscriminate direct debitor

bold-as-brass brassica editor

you’re a squishetty spoilsport

a glistening drag

the liquorice all-sort

nobody wants to find in the bag

it’s time that you were brought to book

you’re not as tasty as you look

listen chum, you are disposable

look at my thumb, it is opposable

unwelcome invertebrate

this might just hurt a bit

I pluck you and chuck you

into distant dew-drenched greenery

isn’t that mean of me?

slug, when all is said and done

you can  hide but you can’t run

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ARTISTS OPEN HOUSE – 21st November -13th December

Posted by on May 11, 2015

Clare Buckle

Artist, illustrator and printmaker, showing work that celebrates urban and industrial spaces.

Print shop at

Night Work_sm

Julie Caddy-

I make drums (all natural death animals)

in a ceremonial way, very bespoke and if possible I like people to choose their skin & frame. I have been working in the healing arts for 30 years too. More recently I started to paint intuitively as I trained as I Graphic Artist and Designer when I left school but it was small black and white only.


Lizzie Reakes -

The first image is called “Cow Parsley and Bumble Bee” pen and ink drawing.

The second image is called “Love & Laughter, Happy Ever After” pen and ink drawing with colour.

Lizzie is inspired by living in the moment, country walks, festivals, live music and celebrating life itself. She originally  trained as textile designer she is now concentrating on drawings.

Facebook page Lizzie Reakes Art – Pinterest Lizzie Reakes @reakes666.




Jacky O Callaghan -

“Upcycled, restored, hand-painted, vintage French country small furniture, and semi-precious bead jewellery.”

cupboards retro show 3jewellery for sara jane

Corina Stupu Thomas

Intuitive painting is Corina’s way of celebrating life and encouraging others to say yes to self expression, to having their voices heard.



Coach House Crafts 


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we are full !!!if you are interested in our next course do get in touch


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THE ART OF FERMENTING and Living Foods with John the Earthworm 29th MARCH 2pm-4pm

Posted by on February 17, 2015

This workshop is set up to set you up in your kitchen fermenting and exploring living foods.

From Sauerkraut to  live Cultures and beyond !

you are advised to bring some fresh organic vegetables to the class.

One of the following

A cabbage




cucumber and anything else you would like to try out.


cost for the morning is £15

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MARCH HARE CROSSOVER -28th Feb- 1st March the EXPERIMENTAL CROSSOVER from one to another

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URBAN BEEKEEPING COURSE – 7th JUNE with expert Dennis Stidder cost £30

Posted by on February 17, 2015



1st of MARCH

15th Ma

do contact us for more  information

With expert Denis Stidder This is a unique course supporting natural Urban beekeeping. Maximum 10 persons. Cost is £30 for the day 10am-4pm ( please bring own vegetarian lunch) Please book via e mail or call 07796054442

ED wrote this for us “The beekeeping course was excellent and at £30 a total bargain. The first half of the day was guided by Dennis Stidder, who has been teaching bee keeping for over 30 years. He went through many of the basics and explained about the more traditional Langstroth hives. He had many stories and experiences to share and half way through the day he opened up and showed us an active Langstroth hive. methods, including the Warre hive and the Top-bar hive. We finished by discussing the pros and cons of each technique and tying it all

together to the broader political context of the UK beekeeping scene and the problems faced with the future of British bees. This was an excellent introduction for any aspiring beekeeper. When starting to learn about beekeeping it can be very difficult to decide what kind of beekeeping you should practice. There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet and in books. The combination of a traditional and natural beekeeper on this course gave us different sides of the story and an opportunity for us to have our many questions answered. After going on this course I am in the process of building my first top-bar hive and hope to start keeping bees soon!”bumblebee on Mullein flower

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