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the Long half day

the Long half day

3 February 2013 - 10:00am at The Coach House

tlhd poster FINALThe Long Half Day

Musicians from London and Brighton will be coming together for a twelve hour performance of free improvisation on Sunday 3rd February 2013. Members of the Carousel Collective – Tim Yates, Benedict Taylor, Noura Sanatian and Charlie Sdraulig – will be joined by Chris Parfitt, Kev Nickells, Adam Bushell and Dan Powell at The Coach House in Brighton’s Kemptown.

Starting at 10.30am they will use a mixture of their own instruments – traditional and homemade – plus found objects and anything that happens to be lying around to move slowly and thoughtfully towards 10.30pm. What happens in between is only to be guessed at as various combinations of the performers come together and split apart, reforming and recombining during the course of the day.

Carousel is a collective of four musicians interested in exploring the possibilities of sound and music in new and imaginative ways. Formed after a commission from the SoundFjord sound-art gallery to create a performance using an ‘object-based score’, they have continued to explore this area of performance and to extend it into collaborations and contexts that force them to explore sound materials in new way.

Chris Parfitt and Dan Powell work together in free improv performance / sound group Nil as well as pursuing many other projects in experimental and improvised music. Adam Bushell is the founder and principal percussionist with the Tacet Ensemble, playing the classical music of the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as exploring folk and traditional music. Kev Nichols is a member of the Bang the Bore Collective as well as being a member of a number of improvising outfits. Kev played in a 36 hour set at Supernormal in 2011 and curated the experimental music bill at Supernormal under the Bang the Bore banner in 2012.

Tim Yates from Carousel said: “We played at The Coach House earlier this year and fell in love with the place. As a collective we’d been discussing organising an extended performance and felt The Coach House would be a perfect place to explore those ideas. We’re hoping that the duration of the performance and the combination of eight musicians, many of whom have not performed together before, will force us to question how we use our familiar musical material and enable a deeper exploration of those materials and techniques than is usually possible.”

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