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Introductory course in Herbal medicine -weekend course

Introductory course in Herbal medicine -weekend course

15 March 2014 - 10:00am at The Coach House

AN Introductory course in Herbal Medicine at the Coach House in Kemptown MARCH 15-16
A Unique course learning the skills of the herbalist covering the history of herbal medicine to todays regulations. This course is aimed for all levels – we will be exploring traditional and modern medicines through the making and the  creating.  The aim is to build a wealth of knowledge to recognise and value the medicines outside our own doors. There will be a chance to partake in a herbal walk (this will be arranged on the course.)
Set out over two days in a fabulous space which realms to be Kemptown’s budding apothecary garden.

Saturday 10-4pm

Sunday 11- 4pm

Limited spaces of 8 persons max

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