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Creative Writing course – change and transformation Monday nights cost £50

Creative Writing course – change and transformation Monday nights cost £50

11 February 2013 - 6:30pm at The Coach House

Creative writing, change and transformation
This creative arts course for all enables us to draw from the rich source of our life experiences to produce powerful writing that develops awareness of our potential. Through discussion, exercises and keeping a self-reflection journal, we will find ways to represent our own unique perception and understanding of our innermost self and the outside world. We can draw on our everyday experiences and rich store of memories to create a strong personal memoir that may be used to identify key patterns in our lives. We will explore our inner and outer worlds and reflect on the ideas and themes that interest us. We will engage with symbols and imagery, and use a range of easily-accessible creative writing techniques to deepen our understanding of our inner and outer worlds.

Evlynn Sharp is a Scottish poet, visiting lecturer and creative writing facilitator in the community. She works as a writer in residence in settings such as prisons, hospitals, schools. Her poetry CDs include River in the Heart with guest poet Ashen Venema, Awakening Love and Sound of the Soul. Plays include Breaking the Silence and Charing Cross Tales – The Prologues, broadcast on Riverside FM, Riverside Studios. She gives poetry performances, and her poems are published in the collection Stones in the Sky and magazines such as Ambit, Feminist Review, The New Shetlander, Spirituality, Sufi.
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