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An Introduction to Vision Quest with Pippa Bondy- £20

An Introduction to Vision Quest with Pippa Bondy- £20

15 July 2012 - 1:00pm at The Coach House

A Vision Quest is an ancient ceremony in modern times to mark and move from one life transition to another – allowing the past, placing ourselves in the present, creating our ceremony with the tools and teachings from within our own lives. Many people, and especially the young, experience feelings of being “lost“ in today’s world with its lack of Initiation Rites. In traditional societies there was an understanding that a way to keep balance and to survive was to live a life that included the connection that a Rites of Passage ceremony gives us.” read more…..

What will we be doing?
Exploring the history and cross-cultural roots ~ Watch a DVD of a youth Rites of Passage ~
Sitting in Council we will explore the following questions:

• What is a true adult in today’s culture. What is true human maturity?
• What might be the value of living alone for 3 or 4 days and nights in the wilderness without food? If rites like these have existed for thousands of years in human history, can they still hold value for us in the 21st century?
• What does this kind of experience have to do with adulthood and maturity? What abilities are tested and are these abilities necessary to be a true adult?
• What is a rite of passage? What rites of passage has this culture made available to you and are they adequate?
The Fee is £20
Please contact Pippa on 01766780557
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